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Odo Global - A World of Opportunities

The Global Ecosystem for Deal-Makers

Odo Global is an ecosystem for deal-makers around the world.
Create deals, connect and benefit – B2B and now also P2P.

Join the Odo Ecosystem

For entrepreneurs, brokers, opportunity scouts and anybody living in a World of Opportunities.

Join as an Individual

  • Create, post and broker deals in an exclusive and secured environment
  • Smoother deal-making through our tools and deal-making functionalities
  • Benefit from our global network of platforms

Become a Deal-Room or Gateway Owner

  • Run your own Odo Deal-Room (white-label) on your website and facilitate deal-making with your business partners.
  • Manage a Gateway to showcase opportunities and nurture communities around them.
Odo means wealth and fortune in ancient Germanic.


All our online platforms are customisable white-label solutions and can be easily integrated into existing websites (plug-and-play) or stand alone.

We support the various business models for online platforms, such as freemium, subscription, brokering/commission, membership, and listing fees and build customised solutions for any requirements. For umbrella organisations we offer distributed networks of platforms connecting their subsidiaries.

We can be engaged solely as a software solution provider for stand-alone platforms and/or as a partner in our ecosystem.

Private Deal Rooms

For financial services providers, advisory firms, private business-clubs, groups of private investors, distributors, and other kinds of deal-makers.

  • Discrete private opportunities and profiles for controlled sharing with relevant parties
  • Deal-making functionalities on private dashboards to manage deal-flow
  • Customizable legal suite for reduced friction during deal-making and brokering
  • Facilitates membership and brokering business model as a revenue stream for the deal-room owner
  • Optional Access to the Odo Network of trusted partners for liquidity.

Public Gateways

For embassies, chambers of commerce, business associations, governments, intergovernmental associations, investment agencies, etc.

  • Global visibility of company and individual profiles and opportunities.
  • Promotions of countries or regions for engaging with the international audiences and stakeholders
  • Community building for any group around themes and opportunities
  • Connectivity accross organizations and institutions through linked gateways.
  • Editorial and web-agency services.


Deal Making &

We facilitate deal-making across sectors and industries: including business match-making, strategic partnerships, market-entry and investments.

Interactive Business

We build customisable solutions for business associations and other communities to manage and engage with their members around the globe.

Virtual Incubators &

We collaborate with organisations fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, e.g. accelerators, R&D organisations and educational institutions.


We support countries and regions in communicating their strengths and opportunities to international audiences. We work with investment agencies, embassies and the private sector.

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